Sep 052014

On September 4, 2014, the “First Amended Complaint” was filed in the FOIA lawsuit seeking documents for the 2013 Farmers’ Market.  It appears that while taxpayers pay all the expenses except possibly for a Porta-Potty, fees and who knows what else go into a checking account for “Tinley Park Farmers Market” that is not held

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Aug 212014

Independent Counsel investigating the Ethics Complaint concluded that deficiencies were ‘inadvertent’ based on ‘confusion’ and ‘misunderstanding’ of the Ordinance. Really? Both the Mayor and Trustee Hannon purposely failed to inform the investigator of the 1997 controversy . Had the Investigator known that Hannon said “There was never a doubt about what the Ethics Ordinance asked,

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Aug 082014
#11 Does The Village Board Really Care That Voters Want Term Limits?

After 72% of Tinley Park voters made it known they were in favor of term limits in November 2012, Mayor Ed appointed a “Term Limits Commission”. At a September, 2013 Board meeting, after “accepting” the Commission report, Zabrocki made clear that “there is no next step” for term limits

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