Apr 032014
FOIA Request Lawsuit - Tinley Farmer's Market

Below are the first eleven pages of the lawsuit filed against the Village and certain individuals for FOIA law violation with regard to documents requested from the Village concerning the Tinley Park Farmer’s Market. The entire document including Exhibits is 52 pages long. The entire document is available for reading and/or downloading by clicking the

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Feb 272014
2013 Village Salary Summary/Compensation Package

Two newly acquired documents that should be of interest to voters are the 2013 Village Salary Summary and the 2013 Total Compensation Package Information. Both are large documents, so only the first pages are recreated below so you can see what information is presented. To read or download the complete documents in PDF form, click

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Feb 072014
Mayor Zabrocki Named in Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

There’s something wrong when a career politician receives mail addressed to “His Worship”. A lawsuit was filed yesterday in United States District Court in Chicago alleging that Mayor Ed Zabrocki, the Tinley Park Village Board, some Village employees and certain Village Commission members denied plaintiffs their Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and equal treatment.

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Jan 192014
Time to Put Up ...

Taxpayers complained that Ed Zabrocki doesn’t listen. He’s only concerned with his special interests, friends, contributors, and supporters. So, we gave the voters a chance to tell Zabrocki if they wanted term limits. We gave Zabrocki a chance to listen to the voters. Ed Zabrocki failed the test with a big red “F”. 72% of

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Jan 142014
# 10 The 2013 SSMMA Salary Survey

In August 2013, the South Suburban Mayor’s and Manager’s Association published a “compensation survey” based on information provided by member municipalities. Even though Mayor Ed praises himself for having an “open” and “transparent” government, you won’t find this document on the Village website.

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