Jan 112015
#16 How to Beat A Tinley Park Photo Red Light Ticket

Equal justice under the law, at least the photo red light Ordinance, has no place in Mayor Ed’s Tinley Park. If you’re the landscaper who cuts the Mayor’s grass, an employee of a company who is a major campaign contributor, a Village police officer, married to a Village police officer, drive a Village vehicle, teach at a local high school, coach a local softball team, are a minister at a local church, or have any type of “clout”,

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Dec 022014
Tinley Park Taxpayers File Lawsuit

Tinley Park taxpayers have filed a lawsuit asking a Cook County judge to force Mayor Zabrocki and the Village Board to seek refunds of tax money improperly spent on the pizza oven at the 80th Avenue train station and expenditures of tax money for event tickets and sponsorships and their “longevity” pay. Below is the

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