Nov 142014
#15 Ed Zabrocki's Version of Term Limits

Illinois law provides that “not more than one proposition to change the form of government of a municipality pursuant to Article VII of the Constitution may be submitted at an election.” There was no way that both the Citizens’ Initiative Question that was filed prior to Zabrocki’s was approved and would have priority to appear on the ballot, would actually appear on the November 2014 ballot.

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Oct 102014
#14 Mayor Zabrocki's Friends Don't Need No Stinking Licenses

In multiple mailings made to every household and business in Tinley Park before the last election, Zabrocki and his machine attacked one of the opposition Trustee candidates for not having a Tinley Park business license. The fact is, though, that the candidate’s business was located in Matteson. Apparently, “His Worship” understands the requirements of Tinley Park businesses having Tinley Park Licenses, but he doesn’t require his friends to abide by the Ordinance even when they do business with the Village.

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Sep 052014

On September 4, 2014, the “First Amended Complaint” was filed in the FOIA lawsuit seeking documents for the 2013 Farmers’ Market.  It appears that while taxpayers pay all the expenses except possibly for a Porta-Potty, fees and who knows what else go into a checking account for “Tinley Park Farmers Market” that is not held

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