Feb 022017
The NOT So Great Debate.

Their has been much speculation about a candidates debate for the April 2017 election.  Here are the facts regarding the attempted scheduling of such a debate.  Our only opinion is that if anyone considers Lauren Traut and Joe Vince of the Patch not to be impartial, they are very, very wrong.  See  Number 24 

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Jan 312017

In usual political style, Dave Seaman attempts to use the announcement regarding the DOJ lawsuit to his personal and political advantage.  Instead of posting an official announcement on the Village web site, Seaman turned it quickly political with the urging of slate mates.  Only after a lengthy conversation with the Village Clerk was any official

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Jan 192017
DEBATE UPDATE...Apparently we don't need any debates.

Lauren Traut, suburban Patch Editor, and Joe Vince, graciously agreed to moderate a debate between candidates running for Village of Tinley Park elected offices in the 2017 Municipal Election.  Yet, while initially advising in September his wishes for his slate to participate, Acting Mayor Seaman has not responded to our December 9th e-mail regarding the

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